My car got hailed on, what do I do?

I would estimate this is the most common question Bumper to Bumper Collision Center hears regarding hail damage.  First we need to determine whether you plan to use insurance to cover the damage.  In most cases, hail damage repairs usually exceed a deductible.  If you plan to use insurance, you need to begin by filing a claim, after this, each insurance company handles the process a little differently and each storm can be different as well.  They should guide you to the next step in their process and will advise you to either get an estimate at the repair shop of your choice or notify you about a member of their team that will estimate your vehicle.   Either way, it will be your decision where your car gets repaired.

Hail storms will be categorized based on the amount of claims and how many policy holders are affected. It may take a few days for the insurance to determine how they will handle the areas claims.   If the insurance company classifies the storm as a catastrophe, they will send teams of adjusters to write estimates.

In the event your insurance would like Bumper to Bumper to write your estimate, the insurance company will provide necessary information for Bumper to Bumper to properly submit the claim with the required information.

There are common misconceptions about the process and I’ll try to touch on what Bumper to Bumper hears most frequently.

Customers hear that they need to collect 3 estimates.

  • This should not be asked of you, it is already inconvenient to be dealing with a damaged car, let alone taking hours to collect estimates.   Let them know you would like Bumper to Bumper to complete your repairs, the larger insurance companies will allow Bumper to Bumper to write your estimate.  If not, ask them to send an adjuster to you.

Customers are concerned their estimate will be less than what is needed to repair their vehicle.

  • Estimates are just that, they are an opinion of the damage on your vehicle, using a preset estimating database.   To ensure a more accurate estimate, be sure your vehicle is clean and if possible, make sure it is in a shaded area during the estimate.
  • Ultimately, the initial estimate is just a guide.  It is not uncommon to see estimates with only the basic’s listed.  There are additional steps that may not be listed to ensure you receive a quality, factory looking repair that doesn’t compromise safety, trade in value or even the longevity of your investment.

At Bumper to Bumper, we will ensure your insurance pays what is necessary to provide you a safe and quality repair that we can guarantee.  Not to mention, ensure all of the related damage is repaired.   After all, this is why you pay insurance premiums.