Frequently Asked Questions

You can ask us anything. But, chances are, someone already has. For quick answers, browse our FAQs to see if we already have your answer.

[do action=”awd-toggle” title=”Why does my Insurance Company list Bumper to Bumper Body & Paint as a Repair Facility Option?”]- Insurance companies refer their customers to auto body repair facilities they trust. You have the option to choose any repair facility you want. Insurance companies have extremely high standards when choosing which shops to work with and they have aggressive re-inspection programs to ensure that the shops they recommend are providing quality repairs, in a timely manner. Most of all, they want to make sure you were satisfied with the overall claim experience, and the repair process is a big part of that. If we are not listed as a repair facility option, your insurance company may not have a preference or we currently may not be on their program. However, we still work directly with the insurance company and will guarantee and warranty our work to your insurance company standards.[/do]

[do action=”awd-toggle” title=”Will my vehicle ever be the same after an accident?”]- Yes! The professionals at our auto body shop return vehicles to their previous condition – both structurally and cosmetically. We’ll do our best to get your life back on the road. Also, we back that with a Limited Lifetime Warranty on our workmanship and parts for as long as you own the vehicle.[/do]

[do action=”awd-toggle” title=”What is Bumper to Bumper’s Warranty?”]- Bumper to Bumper Body & Paint provides the following 4-Part Limited Lifetime Warranty, honored for as long as you own the vehicle. Metal Repairs: Lifetime Warranty provided on all metal repairs, excluding rust repairs. Paint Repairs: Lifetime Warranty provided on all paint repairs, excluding rust repairs, for the length of time you own your vehicle. Our warranty excludes defects/ damage to paint caused from rock chipping, bird or bug staining, etc. Mechanical Repairs: Lifetime Warranty provided on all mechanical repairs pertaining to the original collision damage, excluding alignments. Parts, Materials and Installation: Warranty on parts based on original manufacturer’s warranty. Lifetime warranty on installation and materials installed or executed by the facility, excluding alignments. Please note: Due to normal wear and tear on vehicles, vehicle maintenance items (i.e. oil filter, air conditioning recharge, tires, brakes, alignments, suspension parts, batteries, window regulators, etc.) are not covered under this Limited Lifetime Warranty. However, there may be a manufacturer’s warranty claim that could be made in the occurrence there is a defect of a part.[/do]

[do action=”awd-toggle” title=”Will you accept the estimate I received from my insurance company?”]- Yes! Bumper to Bumper Body & Paint honors all insurance providers’ estimates.[/do]

[do action=”awd-toggle” title=”Can I just stop by for an estimate?”]- Yes! At Bumper to Bumper our staff is available to inspect and provide an estimate of repairs while you wait. For your convenience you can also call for a specific appointment time. Please contact us at (308) 632-8356. We are open Mon- Fri 8am-5pm. We can arrange another time outside of normal business hours, if necessary. Occasionally insurance companies have their own adjusting team who will schedule an appointment to look at your vehicle. In this circumstance, it isn’t necessary to get an additional repair quote; we will work directly from their estimate.[/do]

[do action=”awd-toggle” title=”Why can’t I get an estimate over the phone?”]- Each vehicle is different and unless thoroughly viewed, it will be difficult to assess the true damage. Oftentimes there is hidden damage to parts other than the exterior cosmetic damage. We want to make sure our trained estimators thoroughly assess the damage to make sure you have the most accurate cost of repair and that when you are ready to have the car repaired there are no surprises. Additionally, without an accurate estimate, there could be delays involved as additional parts could need to be ordered once repairs begin. Please remember, an estimate is no charge to you.[/do]

[do action=”awd-toggle” title=”Can you do an on-site estimate if my vehicle is not drivable?”]- In rare circumstances, we will do on-site estimating. However, our estimating program is not portable and it can be difficult to be accurate. Under these circumstances, your insurance company may cover our facility to tow your vehicle in for an estimate and repair.[/do]

[do action=”awd-toggle” title=”What Can I Expect When I Drop Off my Car?”]- Upon dropping off your car, you will be greeted by a Bumper to Bumper Estimator, who will review the vehicle damage with you, check your vehicle functions and ask you to sign an authorization for repairs. After you have gathered your personal belongings from the car, we will confirm your contact information and notate your preferences for receiving follow up communication as your vehicle moves through the repair process.[/do]

[do action=”awd-toggle” title=”What is an Aftermarket Crash part?”]- An aftermarket crash part is a brand new part manufactured by a company other than the vehicle’s original maker. When writing an estimate with aftermarket parts the body shop is required by the insurance company to use certified aftermarket parts when available. This means that the parts are guaranteed by the manufacturer for fit, finish, and corrosion protection. We honor all insurance companies’ guidelines regarding the use of alternative parts on the customer’s vehicle.[/do]

[do action=”awd-toggle” title=”What are LKQ parts?”]- A LKQ part is a salvage part. The term LKQ stands for “like kind and quality”. The wording in the customer’s insurance policy does provide for replacement with LKQ parts. We will not know until we write the estimate, if there will be LKQ parts available for your vehicle and if these parts will be cost effective in completing the repair. If the estimate does include LKQ parts the customer will be made aware of this as soon as the estimate is completed. We will only use LKQ parts from a vehicle of the same or newer year model. We will not accept or use any parts that are not in good condition. We will guarantee the repairs for as long as you own the vehicle.[/do]

[do action=”awd-toggle” title=”How do you match my paint if you are not a dealer?”]- Paint is mixed using a paint code by the vehicle’s manufacturer, which is located on a label attached to the vehicle. All shops, including dealers, use this code to mix paint on each job. Again, Bumper to Bumper provides a lifetime guarantee for our workmanship. If the paint on the vehicle is in poor condition, faded or peeling, we will be able to paint the damaged panels with the correct color, but it may look different from the paint that is on the rest of the vehicle. The newly painted areas will be brighter and shinier than the rest of the vehicle.[/do]

[do action=”awd-toggle” title=”How do I get a copy of a police report?”]-If the accident occurred in the Scottsbluff area, you may log onto Once it is completed it will be available on the website, at no charge to you. If your accident report wasn’t through Scottsbluff Police Department, you may contact the office that the accident was reported to for a copy. Often times there is a small fee for a printed copy of the accident report and it may take a few days for the report to become available.

Here is a list of common police agency numbers in our area:

Scottsbluff Police Department: (308) 630-6261

Gering Police Department: (308) 436-5088

Nebraska State Patrol: (308)632-1211

Scotts Bluff County Sheriff: (308) 436-6667

Box Butte County Sheriff: (308) 762-6464[/do]

[do action=”awd-toggle” title=”How do I know if a vehicle has been reported stolen or salvage?”]- You can visit the National Insurance Crime Bureau (, this will allow you to enter a vehicle identification number to verify whether it has been reported stolen or salvaged. This also will indicate the reason for a salvage title including reported airbag deployment. This website also has additional information regarding theft and fraud that is often times helpful during insurance claims and even inspecting a vehicle prior to purchasing. As always, let us know how we can help you during any of the these events.[/do]