Auto Glass Repair & Replacement

bigstock-Glass-Window-Broken-into-a-Mil-31852475Expert windshield and auto glass service in Scottsbluff

As Scottsbluff’s favorite auto body and paint repair shop, we are also experts in auto glass.  Obviously as a body shop we deal with auto glass frequently.  We have negotiated excellent pricing with our auto glass distributors.  Coupled with our expertise in auto body and auto glass, we make an excellent choice for you here in Scottsbluff.

Broken and chipped glass is the unfortunate reality of owning and operating a car. Damage to your windshield can be dangerous to your and others on the road, especially if the break impairs your vision. It is very important that you repair or replace your automotive windshield and glass as you are subject to driving in a less safe vehicle, and even being stopped by law enforcement.

Fixing Vs Replacing

Our team of skilled automotive service technicians will advise you of all of your automotive glass options. Some windshields can be repaired while others will have to be replaced. This is handled on a case by case basis and depends on a multitude of factors with the first always being your safety and the safety of others on public roadways.