Headlight Restoration

We make your headlights look new!

Have your car’s headlights faded from that bright and clear finish they started with? Have your lights dimmed because of it? You don’t have to buy brand new light housings to get that new polished clear plastic look! New headlight fixtures can run into the hundreds of dollars, and that’s not even replacing the bulb! Our headlight restoration service is a very attractive and economical way to regain that clear lens look without replacements

Why do headlights fade?

Headlight Restoration Services by Bumper To BumperHeadlight covers have a UV protection that helps prevent damage to the plastic covers.  This UV protection fades and allows the sun to damage the plastic.  It yellows and blurs with time without the UV protection.  This is why you can’t just polish them back to clear and be done with it.  A very important part of the headlight restoration is applying UV protection back to the cover.

Your foggy headlight is a safety issue too!

When your headlights get that yellowed, foggy look, it not only makes your car look ugly, it is a safety issue.  Here’s why.  The headlights are optimized and precisely calibrated by the manufacturer of your car to be as safe as possible.  But with foggy lights, the light beams can’t reach as far and they are not as bright as they should be.  Our customers are often SURPRISED by how much better their headlights perform after the headlight restoration because they were mainly focused on how ugly it made their car look!

How do we restore your headlights back to clear?

To perform a headlight restoration properly, we perform a multi-step process.  This includes first diagnosing your particular headlight covers to see why they have faded.  We then decide on the right direction on the materials and tools we need to use.  The next step is removing the damage on the top surface of the plastic.  After this we perform a step-by-step polish process the plastic to bring back to its original sheen and clarity.  Once the headlight looks excellent, we move onto the final phase which is to apply the clear coat UV protection similar to that used on your car’s paint finish.  This last step is super-important to making the restoration last for many years.

Bumper to Bumper Collision Center are professionals at headlight restoration services! Our experienced body crafters will restore your headlights better than anyone else around Scottsbluff!

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